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Friday, June 04, 2010

Elemental Shaman Macros- Learn Rotation

how to make some beneficial macros for an elemental shaman

Shaman's of yesterday

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't miss deals and savings pc gamers

We all know prices are not getting any cheaper for the things we want, so why not use some coupons to save on items we love?
When you are at the PC and do not want to leave, do you order pizza? I know most gamers do this at sometime, especially during a tournament online. The best savings I have found online to save some of my pocket cash is looking on restaurant coupons for some good food. I am a veggie pizza lover and I go straight to the Pizza section and do not have to go out the house when I want to save on pizza. The Pizza Coupons are not just for moms and girlfriends only.
Save your cash in the piggybank and wait for the new Warcraft expansion pack coming out soon.There are savings to many electronic stores and websites where you purchase games and PC hardware. Why would you want to pay full price when you don't have too?
The website mentioned above is a great way to save on almost everything- gaming items included. I personally will pass along the online coupons,deals and promotional discounts.
The website is going to save you allot of money, so be a friend and pass along the savings to your friends too.