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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shaman's pwn?

shaman Well they better soon because I cannot find a descent MMO worth paying for out there.

I do not like the graphics and stick like puppet movements of allot of the other MMO's like Guild Wars,Second Life and Entropia Universe. I do like the whole design and theme of all these games, but I just cannot get passed the flat asses, thin lipped, plastic looking figures. It's like being at Toys 'R' Us for hours.

Conan is one game I will try later after the Summer. I'm working on getting a Gaming Rig that will improve my gaming experience. It wont make Shaman's own, but at least I will see the gang of gnomes coming at me and not lag and little things around my knees then running off. The picture below is me during the Holidays in disguise as one of these little buggers.



True I said I quit and just feel the need to jump back into it.  The only difference is not I am working and will continue to work and keep the hardcore gaming for weekends. I tried making a Alliance Pally, recent, but didn't like it. I want my Brown Faced Human to be a Horde ( that was dumb huh).smile_embaressed


I miss the whole gank experience too lol.

If you have a Warcraft Blog, do not hesitate to leave a comment and link your blog address...  thanks for stopping by.


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