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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shamanistic Poop

I started a warlock and also a Paladin. I must be loosin it? lol I still love you Shammys, but I want to live. I will see what becomes of these two toons I just made. I don't see many black female humans, so I made one. She is also a Barak Obama Supporter. She kind of resembles Michelle Obama. Wow I should have named her that lol. I also made a female orc warlock. They can put a hurting on ya too. Just wish her face was prettier. Also I have not been Alliance in a very long time, so this is gonna be fun. The thought of hurting my own kind ( horde) is not good. I want to make these toons fun and also learn some skills to be able to get on a real serious arena team.