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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shaman Macros

I noticed allot of people come to my blog searching for Shaman Macros. This link here is a great site to find updated macros for your shammy. Shaman Macros hope that helped.

I miss my Shaman

I really miss my lvl 70 Shaman now but I hate the grind in Warcraft so much to not play it. I still read the Shaman Forums and Hope the Expansion later this year will give the Shamans who still play some much needed skills. I really wanted to Focus on the PVP aspect and not raiding unless i'm going in it for gear. Not to be on 24/7 to run other guild mates through dungeons because they are too lazy to level up. I don't mind helping, but that is not what I want to be doing the moment I login and get spammed with " help me". If there is changes to the Shaman Talent Tree maybe I would consider going back. Right now I need to do other things like work more if I want to build my own gaming rig and I need a round trip ticket back to Louisiana to visit family and friends. I will still post here about Warcraft and Continue to work on a MMO Blog.