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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have been PVP'n like a nut lately just to get myself in all purples (Epic Gear). I have one left to go and that is with my Chest. I also have a Purple thumb from bangin the keys ( no joke). I'm an Enhancement Shaman now and I am at my most powerful I have ever been when it comes to giving out pain on another player. With the gear I have on, it's actually made for an elemental spec, but i had it enchanted and gems on it that increase attack power and also resistance. No matter what my spec has been my mst powerful spells have always been Nature Spell Damage and now my attack power is increasing. I can always respec to elemental and just change the enchants on my gear and i'm ok. It will not work if I want to be a Resto Shaman and used as the raids heal whore, because Priests are nowhere to be found. ( reason why I am not in a Guild) This is what i'm currenty wearing.. I have all of the items and the last one to get is chest, so in a few days I should be wearing it and will flaunt it lmao. I have this Merciless Gladiator's Totem of Survival Have Epic Bracers, that I may switch out and Still need Epic Boots, so far I am wearing Green Boots because I can't find any with the attack Power that matches that is Epic... my boots (+21 Agility, +32 Stamina, +43 Attack Power and 414 Armor) will be back soon.. I want to find a way to record some good quality video of me in Battle Grounds.. will be back later today. Gamecam stinks and I can't dish out 40 bucks for Frapps right now...