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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Friends, and Gaming

I was online yesterday and noticed one of my buddies on my list whom I was in a guild with, but always stayed close to is lost somewhere online. I don't see his name on my list and wonder if he moved to a different server or worse. I guess I just feel really bored in game lately, because I really wanted to put a 3v3 together for Arena. I have never played in a Rated Arena yet. Another guy I speak to in game is a total spoiled brat and I am ignoring him for the moment. He has like 500 ALTS and want me to run him in every Dungeon he can find regardless that I may be busy on a quest and he is just doing this for the hell of it. I met him when I was making weapons to sell on AH for 50g a piece. Sold him one for half the price it cost me to make it and did it because he acted like he was new with no gold. Found out months later he already had a level 70 on that same server. I didn't complain and was happy to see him with a nice looking weapon he could show off, because not many people were using this sword, it was a phantom blade. To make a long drawn out boring story short he is just an asshole. He will stand by and watch a shaman like me kill for him. he is a Rogue and drag me around to help him get his quests and reputation and never be there when I needed help.... I eventually told him he is a asshole and he still messages me to help him  and I don't.  He was killed once when we were on a quest and blamed me for not healing him, and I was dying also while trying to heal this son of a **** Leroy Jenkins wanna be.  He cursed me like no one ever did and blamed me for him dying.. I then left and have not been really cool with him since ( few months ). I was only there to help and he knew I took most of the punches until I figured out he wanted me around to do his work... I didn't let him die, he died like we all do in game. I always ran to help him when he needed it. I should look for another lonely freaking player like myself and see if I can get a nice Arena Team going. Then do what I love doing.. "punting gnomes". Even though I play on a PVP server I rarely gank alliance.  When some lower level alliance see me they are scared I will kill them off lol lol. I wave and leave them to quest, feels weird when they start giving bows and salutes to me, cause they assume this green orc with half her hair gone will spank them. GG Cake pic courtesy of enGamers

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I live in Winterspring

just when the city workers cleaned that entire parking lot of cocaine, it's back and I love looking at it. I'm southern, so having snow during winter and spring is still new to me. The residents here who have seen it there entire lives, wonder why I like it so much. It's a change from Swamp Rats and Spanish Moss that's all.