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Saturday, December 15, 2007

PVP is Hurting-boohoo

This weekend is "Eye of the Storm" weekend and I was out there with a blistered thumb and aching hand and wrist trying to kill an elf for the honor. I decided Friday I would call the Nurse, before the Office Closed and see if I could get a wrist and hand splint, but no- can -do!!! She wants me to see the DR. I was really trying to get out of that one :( I went to the pharmacy to see if i can get one off the shelf, and decided I would see the DR. cause It's really hard to play anything with the kind of brace I would have on. I did ok taping my thumb like a cast and the tape kept poppin off lol. I gotta get some new hands lol. I think it may be RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury. I had problems with this and then it went away on it's own , but it's bbaaccckkk!!!. I will get a more comfortable chair and mousepad later on. Even if i have to sit back in a recliner and play this game... Also a gel Mouspad. While I deal with that, I would love to read some of your blogs if you have one about gaming. will be back tomorrow.. Need some sleep... Photo from

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Went back to finishing that fishing quest I posted a few days ago and finally turned in the fish to get to the next level -Artisan.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Barrens

I logged in later today and ran to the Vendor to purchase a new off-hand weapon. I got the Gladiators Left Ripper Just hanging out in the Barrens waiting for alliance to show up, to set one ablaze. Whenever I can I stop to mine and just move on. I miss this area of the game. It's one area I was not ganked as a baby shammy. I'm just daydreaming of the day when Blizzard will make my level 70 Shaman more useful in Raids and PVP. Make us LIVE u son of a $%^&*() !!!! /cry

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Don't be sad Shammy!!!

Spoke with a friend in game a few hours ago and told him what I had done by leaving my guild and not liking how Blizzard has nerfed the Shaman Class so much it's almost impossible to 1V1 against anybody. We talked about just playing in PvP and having some fun there slapping the Alliance around and just not stress about Raids so much and have fun. I agreed and as soon as i get my full PvP set we will have to plan a Raid on one of the cities. Maybe put it on youtube lol. There needs to be some fun back in playing this game. The warcraft forums are full of complaints and gripes. I just want this game to be an even match. Righ now it's just sad and Shaman's have no skill or Damage or Powerful enough to heal like a Holy Priest. I just have to ask what the hell was blizz thinking? Maybe they saw too many videos on and freeaked out? Or maybe they saw this one and it's still stuck in their head? This Shaman inspired me to level a Shaman to 70! We have no respect now !!!!