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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Warcraft has got me Depressed.

I really did it again. I left my Guild. I don't know where this Shaman is going right now. Not attuned for Kara, and my so called Guildmates couldn't find anytime to ever help with anything. I do have to excuse my Guild Leader who was always very helpful when I had a question about something. She was always there to try and find a group for everyone. This 1 person cannot make up a guild and so I left and will speak to her later about it. I will just focus on my PVP strategies and getting better gear. I am so bored with the whole game right now and miss the "game-play". I don't feel like I'm progressing at all, and when I start feeling like that I do some really drastic things ( like walking away from the Guild). I don't feel bad about leaving, I feel bad about every class having the edge over my class. We( Shamans) have been nerfed so much it's not even worth keeping a shaman for end game raids. It's only good for PVP fun, which I enjoy. I don't plan on working this hard to be a healbot for a groups. I let my Priest go for that reason. I miss the days of strategy games where you pick a team, kick some azz and then do it all over a gain. Example: Age of Empires I may try my hand at using some of the leveling guides and seeing what i can do with a few more classes. I want to try out a Pally and Druid.. I would love to try a class that cannot heal anything or anyone, just because I will never be chosen to be the healwhore for a group raid. I will just keep saving my gold, PVP for Honor Points and respec to fight for PVP. I wanna slap some Blueberries around. I will wait for the next Expansion and Hope before that time comes I will have made some progress lol. I have played this game too long not to have ever got a full Dungeon Set. The whole thought of it is depressing.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Flying Mount Gold

I asked my Guild today,"what is the quickest way to make gold". I was told to farm for Primals.

I know I can't fish for them at the moment, because my fishing skill is not high enough for Outland, I decided to work on my Fishing Skill and PVP for the moment.

Since my Guild is not raiding right now and getting other players leveled to 70, I decided to run over for a Fishing Quest. I had my Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 in my bag. I went to Orgrimmar and found Lumak on the Pier in the Valley of Honor. This Trainer gave me a quest to run to Dustwallow Marsh and Swim like idiot in circles lol. I finally found Nat Pagle (Coordinates 58, 59).

I was told to catch the following fish:

Misty Reed Mahi Mahi from the Misty Reed Strand in the Swamp of Sorrows.

A Sar'theris Striker from the Sar'theris Strand in Desolace.

Feralas Ahi from the Verdantis River of Feralas.

Savage Coast Blue Sailfin from the Savage Coast of Stranglethorn Vale.

Then return to Pagle.

FiremanTony from gives the coordinates here.

Now I am off to fishing and completing this Quest.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Warcraft Guilds

I am in a really nice people guild. That's the beat way I can put it. Very well behaved bunch of people. The only thing is all the higher levels are seeking another Guild. Maybe they are not doing enough to keep the good level 70's there? I'm level 70 and I still need to get keyed for Kara and Just run Dungeons for upgrades. I want to form a good Arena Team eventually. My Shammy is so sad right now. I need to work on saving my Gold for flight training and also some epic items I drool over in the Auction Houses. It's not hard to make the gold, i just have a problem not blowing it. I need two or more armor items of each I wear so I don't have to keep running to repair and also sell all my things I mine. mining is a great way to earn if you don't need to use what you are digging up- any gathering profession is a plus to have. This week I will work on earning gold and leveling up a Troll Mage. I normally use her to disenchant low level greens for me and as my Banker to save my gold, but I like her and will level her up a few this week. I want to try out some of those fire spells on gnomes. I am using another keyboard and it's hard playing BG for some reason now. I was used to that old Compaq 19.99 board. I have a wireless Logitech now and it's pretty and black ( like me ), but to many buttons for everything, even music and videos. I ruined my other board by cleaning it lol.