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Friday, October 12, 2007

Where to Run Next?!

I have so much things lined up for my Shaman for the next month. I think she will beg for me to leave her alone. I'm in a new guild now, and like my guild mates allot. Really mature and very helpful. Tonite they are going to run Karazhan. I am reading as a write this. I finally figured out how to get my Tier 4 Dungeon Set. I will have to Run Karazhan Dungeon to get my Cyclone Regalia The picture above is what I should look like once I have my entire set . Before I can do any of that I would need to be attuned. It's not hard but I will not go with the group tonite, since I stayed up all nite I will not be attuned and even if i was i would fall asleep during the game lol. I'm down to about 30 ish gold and no flying mount yet or blacksmithing skills gained today. I'm going to have to farm harder than the Chinese.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Level 70 Shaman

Yesterday afternoon, I finally made it to level 70 and wanted to kiss the closest player next to me, but he was a Blood Elf, not ORC. He did congratulate me and I was so happy I can't even remember where I flew off to next. I did run to the Shaman Trainer in Orgrimmar, and that must have been what took my last 45 Gold. I don't really keep gold, because I like spending it at the Auction House, so what I do is send all items that I need to put on Auction to another character and have my Undead Mage sell it and hold on to all my gold and also use her for disenchanting low level greens and blues and also extra Bank space. I's a lot easier to save this way. I think twice about buying some item on AH that I will just have to upgrade in a week anyway. I will look through all my Quests on my Log and see what I want to keep and what I will dump, because now I am working towards Reputation with The Scryers. Also I am looking up exactly how to go about getting the

Cyclone Armor Set.

Sorry about the shouting, but I love the look and it's gonna be the set I want to strut around in when I form a group to raid Stormwind City. This is how it looks on a Male Orc. I was getting bored trying to level up, but I hung in there and now I don't have to read the rude comments like " noob and go level". I also switched back to Elemntal Shaman Spec. I would go back to be a Resto Spec, but I need some Spell Damage for payback. I said once I reached 70 I would go to the lower levels area for Alliance and Kill anything I saw that moved. (for all the times u killed my baby orc)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Warcraft can be a B**** !

I am currently more than Half Way to Level 70 and Will get there as fast as I can. I am no longer with my old guild but occasionally still talk to some. I'm so sick of the people begging for gold (strangers) when I do login and the lazy players I have never spoke to before asking me to level them up by runnning their sorry asses through a Dungeon. Give me a Break!!!! I have learned so much this time around playing WOW 1. I ignore people asking for gold. 2. I don't run strangers through any Dungeon. It's a huge distraction when I login and wish I could just block all messages at times. I do find time to dance though as you can see below. Will be back with Pictures of my Level 70 Shaman. !