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Friday, September 07, 2007

Shaman Duel

This Shaman (who is shape-shifted) to look like a sailor is really good. These are duels vs other Horde players. Watching other Expert player videos like this helps allot, because I can see exactly what totems they use and the techniques used against certain classes, such as Warlocks and Hunters. This is a very good video, I would give it a 10/10 Nafnaf`s Rematch

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Warcraft make Kids Cry

My parents would have turned off the PC, before they let me beg.

Warcraft Guilds

If any of you know how bad it is when you are in a Guild that is nonproductive and not raiding, then high level members leave. Please bow your heads in silence for a Prayer... Yep it's just DEAD. That's what's happening in the guild that I am in right now. Some of the coolest players I know in this game are just leaving our group to be with "better" guilds who Raid and stick together. I have to admit I am only in this Guild because I got tired of the messages everyday asking me to join a guild lol. Eventually I got to know the members and I like them. I consider them my Warcraft Brothers. The big question is now that I am level 65, and only 5 more levels to go until I'm ready for a Raid, what should I do? Should I leave my Guilmates that are still left there? or start looking around for another Guild? I said I would stick around for a while, but I am just not sure on what my next step is.