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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Elemental Shaman-Is there a place for us?

Sometimes I wonder why is there Classes such as Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans and even Feral Druids. There is little room or no room at all depending on what Guild you stay in. As for the end-game and Raids, you can almost bet you will be told to re-spec and be the guilds heal bot. This job alone should be for priests and all other healing classes should be used for backup when needed. It doesn't matter if you can out DPS half of them , they see that you have a heal and they want to drain all they can out of you, while they die trying to fight a mob with lower DPS out put than you have. I do understand that healers are hard to find, and a Holy Priest is hard to come by. I have seen guilds with so many Holy Spec'd Priests, that they were fighting to get in on raids, but that was a guild with hundreds of members. I don't think I would want to be in another guild like this again , because it's to many fighting to get in on raids. Now that I am in a smaller guild, we don't have enough to do much of anything, but recruit low levels, and that means months of no raids, while they level up to 70. I was told that I can be whatever spec I wanted to be when I joined and that was the main reason I joined. The way it looks, I will need to be a Resto-Shaman. I may be a lonely Shaman, when I finally leave if I am told to respec lol. I played the Part of a Heal-Bot once before, and was bored and actually fell asleep in a raid once. I was a Priest, and now I am a Shaman and I will play this game the way I want too. If the group I am with want me to heal I can do this also. I just don't want my main purpose in the Raids to be a healer, staring at health meters falling asleep. Sometimes I wish a Shaman's Healing was only for self. Below is Myrah, I used to be a Priest (a.k.a) Heal B*tch.